Ghosts of The Plains of Abraham

The Plains of Abraham in Québec City is famous for hosting one of the most important battles in Canadian history. This battle took place on September 13th, 1759, and it was a battle which consisted of the French vs the English. Marquis of Montcalm was the commander on the French front, and James Wolfe was the commander on the English front. Both of these men died during the battle, as well as 658 English casualties and 650 French casualties, which comes up to over 1,000 perished souls in one day.

Lots of death and despair is sure to breed some creepy ghost stories, and The Plains of Abraham are no exception. Over the years people have claimed to witness ghost soldiers still in uniform (Louis Tessier, is that you?), and others have reported smelling smoke, specifically, canon smoke. I didn’t know that smells could be creepy, but here we are. These incidents also tend to happen around September 13th, on the anniversary of the battle. I visited this location in August of 2020 which is possibly why I didn’t see, hear, or smell anything.

However, this is not to say that I didn’t feel anything. While the grounds are peaceful with perfectly manicured grass and large trees, the air feels heavy. You can feel the tragedy that once gripped this place, and it is not surprising to me that some souls may linger out of confusion or anger. One can assume many of the men who died on these grounds were young and had a whole life ahead of them that was ripped away within seconds.

As opposed to my last few posts, these ghosts are far less specific. Which is a shame, I enjoy knowing the history of the particular ghouls that haunt the premises. Alas, we have to content ourselves with vague wartime ghosts from another lifetime. Perhaps one day we can learn some of their names, and some of their stories. Until then, though, their lives before their tragic end remain a mystery.

What do you think? Do you think the souls of fallen soldiers still linger here? Let me know in the comments down below.

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