Haunted Château Ramezay

Château Ramezay is a historical landmark located in Montréal and was built in 1705 for Claude de Ramezay, the Governor at the time. In 1895 it was established as the headquarters and museum of the Antiquarian and Numismatic Society of Montréal. For a small fee, visitors can enjoy a historical landmark right in their own city. However, they may get a little more than they bargained for.

According to an article published by The Gazette in 2014, a local man who has worked at the Château for 16 years (at the time the article was published) keeps a list of paranormal occurrences that have happened over the years. These occurrences include everything from footsteps, strange noises, and items moving on their own. He’s not the only employee who has witnessed these things; other staff members have reported similar incidents.

Plaque outside the Château itself

So, this leaves us with one question? Just who is this paranormal prankster?

Thankfully, there are two suspects. The first suspect being Anna O’Dowd, the caretaker up until her death in 1985. Rumour has it that she died in the bathtub, however, I tried finding more information on this woman, but unfortunately, I could not find any further information. Our second culprit is possibly a guard who goes by O’Leary. Upon doing some research the only O’Leary I could find associated with Château Ramezay is Thomas O’Leary, who wrote the Catalogue of the Château de Ramezay in 1903.

With a building being over 300 years old, it is no surprise to me that some spirits may linger here. You can feel the history as soon as you step foot on these grounds and its sort of a heavy feeling. The same feeling I got when I visited The Plains of Abraham. It’s unexplainable and one has to visit the Château to feel it for themselves.

Do you work in an old creepy building in your city? Have you had any paranormal experiences? Let me know in the comments down below.

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